PCB Service

Currently we provide the opportunity to produce small quantities of printed circuit boards for your prototyping or replacement needs. Currently we are getting good results with single sided etching. We’re still experimenting with double sided PCB’s, so if you don’t mind waiting a little longer and pay slightly higher startup costs, we’ll figure out how to make them flawlessly.

There’s a startup-cost of €14,95 (including taxes) for any new design. The cost per printed circuit may vary. Usually we put as much of them we can on one wafer, depending on the size of your circuit and how many you need. We can also combine multiple designs into one wafer, depending on size and shape, again depending on what you need.

currently our maximum size is still limited to 10 cm x 16 cm. If this service turns out to be a success we’ll likely scale up.

you can re-order any design you previously submitted without startup costs. We do recommend you also keep a copy of your files, in case we lose them or the lighting sheet gets damaged

Currently there is no component placement guide printing. We can print a transparent overlay per your request. But on the PCB wil only be copper. Please keep that in mind.

We do not cut PCB’s to size. We can make sure there’s a cutting guide on the PCB, just make sure it doesn’t short-circuit any of your leads! Again, anything on the PCB wil only be copper.

Labor cost vary depending on the level of detail in your cirquit. More detail means there’s a higher probability of short-circuits, or a lead being disconnected. They also take longer to etch and are harder to make consistently etched. Please make sure you have enough spacing between the leads, and use a failry thick lead.

We prefer EAGLE files, but KiCAD, Illustrator or PDF are also useable file formats. Please do make sure measurements are correct if you supply a vector or PDF file! We do not accept accountability for sizes being wrong!


Startup costSingle-sided PCB
max size: 100 x 160mm
Startup costdouble-sided PCB
max size: 100 x 160mm
Labor costSingle-sided PCB
hourly rate
Minimum is usually three hours, depending on complexity and detail