2020 updates!

Glad 2019’s over, it kind of sucked. We did more, but got less results. So after getting no help from the local county with our other problems, we were forced to sell some of our gear to keep paying our bills. So the rental list will be slimmed down a bit.

Rehearsal spaces and studio are being maintained at this moment, so they will hopefully be available again this summer. Will keep you updated on that.

2019 saw us stop activities at MacGek, which was no longer viable due to debt caused in part by our government’s policies.

2020 will see a Karakters release which is currently in production, expected Q1 of 2020 on all major streaming networks. We are also developing concepts for two Historic/sci-fi videogames/mods, of which we hope at least one goes into production next winter. A great way to showcase our musical story-telling skills and ability to work in a diverse team.

Also, we still have some space for your events in our 2020 planning, so don’t wait too long booking our services! You can find our services under the “event services” menu item.

Wishing everyone a healthy and productive 2020!


2019 Updates!

After 2018 turned out to be a great year for our event services, a few prority changes are in order!

We are currently in the process of phasing out some other activities that were draining focus. 2019 will be all about music for us.

A few updates concerning our equipment rentals; We’ve organised our gear more appropriately into categories. We’ve also added a few things to our available backline equipment! A beautiful vintage (1950’s) Philips HF10 Tube amplifier modded for guitars. It sounds beautifully warm, reminiscent of that vintage VOX tone.

We’ve also upgraded our recording macbook with a whopping 1 TB SSD. More than enough space for your multitrack projects, at least until you move them over to your own hard drive 😉

We’ve also decided it’s good to stimulate participation, so we now offer 10% discounts on our repetition booths/equipment storage for anyone working at VERA, Simplon, or Grand Theatre in Groningen.

If you have similar local initiatives, we’d like to visit them some time and maybe add them to the fore-mentioned list.