Repetition booths

Our facilities include three separate rehearsal booths with drum sets microphones and amplifiers. Additionally, you can rent a cupboard to store your gear behind a locked door.

We’re open all week from 11:00 til 23:00

Our pricing proposition:

single slot4 hours of rehearsal time€25,-
fixed slot4 hours a week for 13 weeks
requires payment in advance
locked storageYour very own closed with a lock. Handy if you want to store your own equipment at the location.
Price per month.


3 months fixed slot = 13 x 25 = 325
3 months cupboard rent = 3 x 10 = 30
subtotal: 355
50,- discount
you pay: €305,-

If you require another arrangement feel free to let us know!

Contact us to make your reservation!